Bookstore stalker

I was at a large bookstore, and a man placed himself directly in my path to hit on me. I politely expressed my lack of interest, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer and followed me around the store. Eventually I thought I had lost him, but when I was ready to leave he was waiting for me the front door. He eventually gave up, but it was very scary.

– anonymous

Location: Norristown, PA

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3 Responses to Bookstore stalker

  1. Melle says:

    How awful?!? Did you let someone at the store know? Maybe he has done it before or maybe they can make a list of people to watch out for or something! Stay safe!!!

  2. **BrownEyedBeauty** says:

    Wow…terrible. I was once at a bookstore when I noticed a man looking at me. He made me a bit uncomfortable, so I walked away after a while. A few minutes later, he startled me by appearing at my side. He apologized for staring at me and walked away, but there was something very unsettling about it.

    Some of the male workers at my local grocery store have harassed me in a very subtle way. One of them has seen me with my husband, but when I come into the store alone he attempts to flirt with me. He will stare at me while I walk around or he will move very close to me and try to make conversation even when my actions make it clear that I want to be left alone.

    I’m with Melle…you need to be very careful. Hopefully that was your first and last encounter with this guy. Notify somebody at the bookstore if he bothers you again.

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