CTA anti-harassment ads

Chicago transit riders may notice something new on their commutes. CTA recently launched print Public Service Announcements that say:

If it’s unwanted, it’s harassment. Touching. Rude comments. Leering. Speak up. If you see something, say something.

At the bottom, the ads list information for who to contact if a rider is the target of sexual harassment.

Both Boston and New York City have anti-sexual harassment subway ad campaigns too.

The Young Women’s Action Team‘s 2009 subway & bus survey results and recommendations led to Chicago’s campaign. They have been doing amazing work since 2003 and hopefully their successes will inspire other people to take action and work to make a difference in their own community too.

2 Responses to CTA anti-harassment ads

  1. Yay. I saw the NYC subway ad last week and was so happy it was up. I don’t know about everyone but I read all the subway ads out of boredom on a long ride. Every little effort helps awareness.

  2. Anonymous says:

    How is leering a bad thing? If that bother you, you need to get a grip

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