Hate Crimes at Georgetown

Via Washington Blade


Students at Georgetown University held a candlelight vigil earlier this week after men attacked a female and a male student, in two separate incidents, while spewing anti-gay/lesbian comments. On Monday, someone posted a derogatory slur on the door of the campus LGBTQ Resource Center. Both campus officials and local police are investigating the assaults and the slur.

It is an outrage that people cannot walk down the street without other people harassing and/or attacking them for their sexual orientation, gender, race, etc!

The fact that so many of these hate crimes, including the two on the Georgetown students, are perpetrated by boys and men says a lot about masculinity in this country: how it is framed, how boys/men are socialized into it, and how often men are rewarded instead of punished for taking masculinity to the extreme in the form of hate crimes (including sexual assaults). It’s gonna take a lot of work before everyone is safe from hate on the streets.


One Response to Hate Crimes at Georgetown

  1. I agree totally. This upsets me so much.

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