Help Bring RightRides to Washington DC!

(Cross-posted from HollaBack DC)

How much would you love to see safe, free rides for women and LGBTQ  individuals on weekends through a partnership with Holla Back DC! and Zipcar?  Wouldn’t that be cool?  Well, we want to bring a  RightRides chapter to the DC metro area.

To make this a reality, Holla Back DC! is asking you to vote for this idea through Ideablob.  If we win, half of that $10K would be used to bring RightRides to DC.  But we need YOU to make it happen! We urge you to take one minute to register through Ideablob and vote for HBDC!  A vote for us is a vote for a safer DC for all.  And hey, good ideas spread, so get your friends and family in other places to vote to make our nation’s capital a safe place!

Read about our plans, register, vote, and spread the word.

As always, a heartfelt thank you for your votes and continued support.  Holla Back DC! is a community initiative that would not be possible without the loving support from people like you and the DC metro community.

Alright, off our PBS soap box. :)

– Holla Back DC


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