Searching for videos of girls being groped

I am deeply disturbed by some of the referring terms my blog statistics say people are using when they happen upon my blog. Some recent ones include:

  • “interactive breast grope game”
  • “any girls who want to f*ck a stranger?”
  • “pictures of how to wolf whistle”

Literally every day several people come to my blog via search terms that are some variation of “dirty school girl” and “groping girls video” because of posts like these ones which talk about men groping women in public and this story about a man asking to take a picture of a young woman in a “dirty schoolgirl outfit”. I take it they are disappointed when they get here since I speak out against these problems.

I try to block out how many predators there are who are making money off child porn and misogynistic, racist, homophobic, size-ist adult porn and how many more people are spending their time and money consuming it. But each time I check my stats I’m reminded that they’re out there.

Not that the messed up predators are probably still reading this post (which some of them will find when I tag it with “groping” and “dirty school girl outfit”), but I still want to say to them:

Looking at pictures and videos of girls being groped and sexualized in school outfits is disgusting and you are a predator who clearly has no respect for girls or women. Shame on you for contributing to a culture that thinks it’s okay to make money from girls’/women’s humiliation and a culture that says it’s entertainment when boys/men assault girls/women and harass them at home, school, work, and on the street.

That is all.

3 Responses to Searching for videos of girls being groped

  1. Golden Silence says:

    When I ran “Don’t Be Silent” back when, the same thing would happen with my blog. Sketchy guys were coming there via those dirty searches. It’s sick!

  2. You go girl! Tell them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. anonymous says:

    i’m trying to find online resources on being groped on the streets. it has happened to me more than once, and Google automatically changed my search term to “women being groped in public.” so just so you know, i’m not looking for that stuff, i’m a victim of it.

    why are there no resources! i am so pained

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