Morning drive by

Chicago, IL – I was walking from my boyfriend’s northwest side apt one morning (around 6 am), on the way to the bus back to my place. A tan van slowed down and kept pace with me while I walked for about half a block. I gave it an annoyed look; it sped up and drove off.

I’d walked that 1.5 blocks before with no problem but the van just made me realize that the mornings were darker, I was alone and no one would be around if something happened to me.

Nothing was said – but then, nothing needed to be said. A van slowing down to follow a woman alone on a dark street, at sunrise? Not a compliment. Menacing.

– anonymous

Location: Chicago, IL

Share your street harassment story today and help raise awareness about the problem. Include your location and it will be added to the Street Harassment Map.

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