Going to the movies is soooooo fun!!

Just the other day I was harassed by a large group of guys hanging around outside of a movie theater in broad daylight. The theater was empty, the street was empty, and the parking lot I was on my way to was also empty. So I felt some concern for my safety.

I turned and walked out of the theater and they didn’t see me until I was walking away from them. By then, they started shouting things like, “HEY GIRL HEY HEY HEY HEY WHAT’S YOUR NAME HEY LET ME HIT IT,” and I laughed to myself, amused by their stupidity. It’s empowering to just laugh at them for being so idiotic, but I didn’t dare turn around so they could see me laughing. I listened to the yelling to make sure the sound wasn’t coming any closer because I was way too chicken to turn around (I avoid confrontation at all costs, I have social anxiety disorder). I kept on walking, calmly, in a minding-my-business-completely-unfazed manner (but so tempted to flip them the bird, dammit, but no. i don’t wanna make the situation worse by giving them any attention, sigh) until I turned the corner and realized the parking lot was so empty. I guess nobody wanted to see a movie that day but me.

And I became worried that the bank next door was also empty because it was closed, so nobody over there could see anything should I be followed to my car. AND my car was parked so far away. So my pace quickened and I kept glancing behind me, key in hand, making sure I WASN’T being followed in the middle of broad fucking daylight. I’ve never been followed before, but I’ve also never been catcalled while completely alone outside with not a soul in sight. It was scary, but I felt like I at least had daylight on my side. I still got in my car and locked the doors and felt better after that.

It fucking ruins your day to know you were being treated like an animal, like an object momentarily occupying someone else’s personal scenery. If there had been any other people around, I would have been incredibly embarrassed, but glad they were there at least. And I’m thankful the situation didn’t turn out any worse than that.

It was funny at first, then scary when I realized I was so alone, and at home I was just miserable because it was the icing on the cake of what was already a pretty miserable day. Soooo yay… And the movie sucked…

– d.w.

Location: Morganton, NC

Share your street harassment story today and help raise awareness about the problem. Include your location and it will be added to the Street Harassment Map.


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