A senseless death!!

Image from TBO.com

Jazmine Thompson Image from TBO.com

Last Friday night after a high school football game, Jazmine Thompson was in a car with three other female friends when Daniel Floyd Williams approached them, asked for sex, walked away, came back waving a gun and fired at the young women. Jazmine was killed. Her life is over. Daniel was charged with second-degree murder.

This is ridiculous! I’m tired of reading about boys and men who think they are so entitled to women’s attention and bodies that they react with anger when the women reject them.

Jazmine is not the first (nor surely the last) female to be killed in such a senseless way by a man. Gender-based violence like this is most often (but not always) perpetrated by a man against his former or current intimate partner, often when he feels rejected or as though he’s lost control over “his” woman. But, as this story shows, such violence happens between complete strangers, too.  Here are stories about four other women who, like Jazmine, were murdered by unknown men after rejecting them.

We must all do our part to help end the idea that men can and should prove their manhood and masculinity through sexual conquests and that rejection by a woman justifies retaliation in the form of insults, physical abuse, and murder. This mindset and behavior is wrong and it must end.

(thank you to reader Sym for the story tip)


4 Responses to A senseless death!!

  1. Marie says:

    I don’t understand a mans mindstate at this point! If she dont want you…LEAVE HER ALONE! Are you that hardup that you have to kill someone, because yourself esteem is low….GROWUP!

  2. hollabackdc says:

    seriously, what crap. our thoughts and prayers to jazmine’s family.

  3. notTHATguy says:

    It’s unfortunate that some guys just don’t seem to understand how to treat women. I propose that women start macing guys every time they start acting like jerks in public. Seriously, who just walks up to a group of people and asks for sex? As a guy, I’m totally cool with watching some of these idiots get maced/attacked by an angry mob. It’s obvious they aren’t going to respond to reasoned arguments. This story about jazmine seems to be part of a growing trend for men to act like they’re in the taliban. It’s very sad.

  4. Sarah says:

    Second degree murder? WTF? That should be first degree murder. The fact that he CAME BACK with the gun certainly shows he had intent! I don’t know how these defense lawyers can look at themselves in the mirror.

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