An Ugly Girl’s Story*

I am fat & considered very unattractive. I am often told that I’m a dog/ugly/cow/pig/barked & oinked at by strange men in public.

Two men recently followed behind me on the street for several blocks, loudly discussing what they would have to do in order to make me “f***able” (ie. put a bag over my head, get me to go to a plastic surgeon, etc.)

I try very hard not to take these experiences to heart but this recent one was very disturbing. I realized that I have been avoiding crowded public areas because of this. It also reinforces my feeling that despite my achievements & personality, in this world what really matters is my outward appearance.

– anonymous

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Share your street harassment story today and help raise awareness about the problem. Include your location and it will be added to the Street Harassment Map.

*Note, the author of this post wrote the title, too. I think what’s ugly is the behavior of the harassing men!

13 Responses to An Ugly Girl’s Story*

  1. Golden Silence says:

    I am sending a hug from the DC area to you. This story really breaks my heart. The way people act in this world just disgusts me! Know that you are beautiful and don’t let the nonsense of those fools beat you down.

  2. Laura says:

    I am so sorry that you were treated this way. I know it is hard but please don’t internalize what these men are saying about you.

    I have been called ugly by men in the streets too. Street Harassment is about power, sometimes men just like to take a women down a peg or two because it gives them a rush.

    Hold your head high, everyone human being has something beautiful about them.

  3. Golden Silence says:

    The only ugly thing in this story is the behavior of the harassers.

  4. Just Another Reader says:

    This story made me tear up (and I’m a man for what it’s worth). Please don’t let those idiots get you down. We must strive every day not to let the lowest and most mean spirited elements of our societies drag us down otherwise we are all lost.

    As far as looks, the world isn’t a fair place and I’d just be lying if I said they don’t matter, but everyone has to make the best of what they have. The world is also a strange place and you find people that find what others would consider ugly really attractive, go figure.

    That said I agree with Laura that this was more about power than anything you look like. They’re just deficient human beings spreading their inadequacy….remain confident…

  5. long beach gal says:

    I can relate to your story having been in similar situation because of my lack of curves…im very tall and thin.

    People just dont have morals and respect anymore.
    Its terrible and i feel your pain…just keep your head up

    music helps me with all mylife difficulties…find an outlet for yourself.
    and keep your spirit although people try to break it down.

    best wishes, longbeach gal

  6. Lucy says:

    Oh, sweetheart… I know how you feel, and it’s just terrible how cruel some people can be. No empathy or compassion whatsoever… there really are some vile excuses for human beings who walk this earth.

    I’ve had a similar experience, where I was walking alone one night and two men (relatively attractive, for what it’s worth) saw my face and promptly balked. As they walked past me, one muttered “she is SO ugly,” and his companion responded with, “at least she doesn’t need to worry about *getting raped* when she walks alone at night.” I went home and looked at my reflection in the mirror, and promptly flung myself at my bed crying for an hour.

    It’s a hard life, I know. Really, really hard. But you need to channel your frustrations towards skills/talents where beauty does not matter… lose yourself in your goals and strive for greatness. That’s what I do, and things have been looking up for me. Don’t let the shallow idiots win!

  7. Nancy says:

    I’ve had men on the street call me beautiful AND ugly – on two separate street harassment incidents in the same week! So which am I? Probably neither – it was about THEIR mood, not me.

  8. SamanthaB says:

    Ive had this same thing happen to me also, many many times. Around here its rich college guys who have obvious issues. When I got pregnant it got even worse. People gave me dirty looks and sneered at me everywhere I went, but the young guys, they were the worst. If I was alone they would yell out “EW!” at the top of their lungs at the sight of me as if I was something horrible to behold. Once when I was standing still looking at something a few of them were discussing who would have knocked me up, who COULD have knocked me up. They wondered aloud what the poor child would look like. I simply ignored them though I was quite infuriated. As I walked away they began to follow me, saying the same basic things. I started to fume, then all of a sudden I lost it (I was pregnant and hormonal). I turned on my heel, stared right at the ring leader and asked him if he had a problem. He said yah your looking at me and they started laughing. I then proceeded to give them a very loud, well deserved tongue lashing that drew a small crowd. I stood my ground and did not back down, in the end it was them (three of them) that turned tail and walked away from me of course calling me a psycho as they left. Hasnt happened since though lol. Anyway, people do this because they have some kind of unresolved issue within themselves that they take out on others. Its all about power, they chose you as a target because they think you are weak and they can belittle you. Dont let them think they are better than you. Stand your ground and let them know you are not weak, they chose the wrong person to mess with.

  9. SamanthaB says:

    Oh yah and I also yelled out “youre not so attractive yourself m*********r!!” at the top of my lungs at a guy who made a passing comment about my looks as I walked by.

  10. Emily says:

    Asshole bastards. i experience something similar before, but i scream right at their faces. if people look down on you, doint look down on yourself. self esteem is most important, the rest doesnt matter 😀

  11. nick says:

    I am a guy and this story makes me sad, however I cant talk cause I can be a prick and I ditched a girl I met online after seeing her cause I thought she was ugly (I feel bad). But as a guy I have even had other guys yelling out there car at me, like goin whoo!! or calling me a little boy (I look young even thoughh I am 20). It so is about power, the guys that yell out the car at you are usually the insecure ones who feel better about them selves after putting others down. This is awful though I have never heard of harassment like this, it jus sickens me

  12. Mari says:

    I used to get harassment from guys when I was younger, they used to call me ugly, and a whole lot of other stuff. Funny thing is, some of those people whernt exactly a top example of physical beaty, themselves.

  13. Mari says:

    Also, I forgot to mention that in order to look good, I think its also very important to have a very natural relationship with yourself.

    And good looking people are even better looking with a great personality, good self-esteem and good charm.

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