Hello, my name isn’t cutie …

Over the weekend I did a lot of research for my book on street harassment. Previously I’d read about and interviewed an activist who helped with the INCITE! DC anti-street harassment day of action in 2006 in Washington, DC,  but yesterday I was excited to stumble across some great photos from the event. Here are a few:

INCITE! DC collage

Included in the comment thread of that post was this image.

While I think writing in one’s name could be problematic because then harassers may repeat it ceaselessly, I like the overall idea and I think leaving the name part blank would convey the same message. Would you wear one?


3 Responses to Hello, my name isn’t cutie …

  1. Golden Silence says:

    I’d write “None of your damn business!” in the blank spot. Harassers don’t need to know my name.

  2. Liz says:

    I think the label is clever and gets a clear message across for education events or publication. But in real life, I would not wear one because I would worry that it might incite more harassment and attention.

    When does your book come out/what is it called?

  3. Hi Liz – no publication date yet on the book. my manuscript is due jan 1, 2010. i’m hopeful it will be out in 2010 but this is my first book and i don’t know the publishing world well enough to know if that’s too unrealistic. the title will likely incorporate the phrase “Stop Street Harassment” in some way.

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