Swimming Pool Gropers

Two years ago, when I was about to turn twelve, my friends and family took me to Dubai. For my actual birthday, we went to a swim park to hang out.

At the park there was a pool that went really deep. So my friends and I decided to race to the back of the pool. As I swam, I got to the bottom of the pool. I was out of breath, so I went back to the top. When I resurfaced, I realized that a bunch of guys (probably in their early twenties) had banded around me, trapping me in their circle. They started saying things to me, but I couldn’t hear them because I was so scared and frightened. I tried swimming to the bottom and away, but each time they managed to grab me and pull me back up. Then one of them behind me started running his hands up my thighs. That is when I started to kick and scream, until finally one of the lifeguards heard me. I don’t really remember how I got out of the water. All I remember is my friend asking me if I was okay and a couple of local cops talking to the men (there must have been five of them). They asked a couple of questions and that was it. My mom came to pick me up, and we moved on from that incident.

I just wanted to tell the story since I have never spoken of it before. Thnx for listening. KK

-Karyn T.

Location: Dubai

Share your street harassment story today and help raise awareness about the problem. Include your location and it will be added to the Street Harassment Map.


2 Responses to Swimming Pool Gropers

  1. It’s bad enough to be harassed on the street, but in a pool where you can’t get away and have the danger of drowning. I am so sorry you had to go through this Karyn at such a young age, but I am glad you shared your story. Thank you.

  2. Sohan says:

    Dubai has way too many sexually-repressed misogynists … what we to call “despo” men.

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