Creepy neighbor

I am from Converse, Texas Bexar County, and I live on a nice cul-de-sac in a decent subdivision, I thought until recently.

I have a neighbor who intentionally stares at me and my daughters (ages 17 & 13). My youngest can’t walk to the mailbox and back without him looking at her. When she walks from the bus stop he watches her. My husband is stationed elsewhere and it has gotten bad. We have an above ground pool that we had to move because he watches them. He recently put up solar screens on his windows. It is really bad. We went to leave one night and he and his friend watched us leave. It is really getting uncomfortable. I can’t do anything until he “attempts” something, and by then it could be too late. We can’t move right now. It is frustrating and at times scary.

My backyard in most areas sits above my privacy fence, to give you an idea of what I am about to talk about. I have a homeowners association and I am waiting to get into trouble because, out of fear, I rushed and had a pool deck with privacy fencing to go around it so he could no longer see my daughters. He would go to a street over where his friend lives and watch us there also. It has gotten too much. My daughters don’t want to go outside because of this guy and his friends.


Location: Converse, Texas Bexar County

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One Response to Creepy neighbor

  1. Wow, that sounds like a very difficult situation! I can imagine it could be quite scary to have him staring at you and your daughters all the time 😦 It reminds me of a story I read last year where a man was hanging around a woman who worked at a fast food restaurant in a mall and the mall security and police said they couldn’t do anything to stop him “until he did something” to her. There is something wrong when that is the way the law works! Your situation sounds similar, but it’s your own, which should be a place of safety and refuge from the rest of the world! I wonder if your home owners association would be able to do anything? Maybe someone from it could at least talk to him?

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