Flogged for Wearing Pants

Friday, during a random raid on a cafe, Sudanese police arrested 13 women for wearing pants. There was a quick summary trial and ten of the women were flogged and fined 250 Sudanese pounds ($120). Two of the women chose to go on trial. Via AP News:

“Hussein [one of the two women] said she decided to speak out because flogging is a practice many women endure in silence. She even sent printed invitations to the press and public figures to attend her expected trial.

‘Let the people see for themselves. It is not only my issue,’ she said. ‘This is retribution to thousands of girls who are facing flogging for the last 20 years because of wearing trousers,’ she said. ‘They prefer to remain silent.'”

Good for her! (Aside: I can’t believe flogging still occurs . It seems so 19th century) While this isn’t directly “street harassment” per say, a lot of discussion about street harassment ends up touching upon “what was she wearing” so I think this story is relevant from that aspect. Also, street harassment can be viewed as a kind of social control that keeps a lot of women off the streets at night and/or when they are alone and this incident in Sudan shows blatant and extreme forms of attempted social control over women.


2 Responses to Flogged for Wearing Pants

  1. this is horrible. I had no idea. What a brave woman! It takes women like her to make things change. It takes courage, with the knowledge that taking a stand might make your life a living Hell. I so admire the women who have paved the path for us, I remember the women in jail, trying to win the vote and starving themselves. My life is so easy compared. I wish I could tell every brave woman, thank you! Thank you, Brave Women wherever you are. Thank you!

  2. […] was the trial for Sudanese journalist¬† Lubna Hussein, one of the women I reported on earlier who were arrested for wearing trousers in public. Most of the women received a flogging, but Hussein […]

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