Free to Enjoy Time in the Park

Two years ago Blank Noise Project in India asked their blog readers to submit a list of things they wished they could do in their city but didn’t because of harassment from men (for example, smile when they wanted, not have to think about who’s watching them, be able to go out at night and be safe…). This past Saturday afternoon, they invited people to come to Cubbon Park to live out their wish list, including wearing something they wished they could wear but never had for fear of harassment. This was in part a response to the recent banning of certain women’s clothings at colleges and universities as a way to combat men’s eve teasing of women.

Visit their blog to read how the experience went for some of the participants. Here’s part of one:

“I was doing much more service to myself than a social service or changing attitudes of others. I was breaking free of my own inhibitions and questioning what is ‘appropriate’ in public-like dancing in public without music; or what is appropriate because I am a woman-like lying on a park bench without meaning to ‘get laid’. I was changing my own attitude. I gained a little more confidence and trust within myself. There are some things I do anyways-like pouting etc. Now I would feel less guilty or responsible if some man stares at me for it. I just like to do it and I accept myself for it!” – Saraswathi

What would your list look like – what would you do if you could be sure no man would harass you?

Cubbon Park Blank Noise Project

Cubbon Park Blank Noise Project


3 Responses to Free to Enjoy Time in the Park

  1. What a lovely photo! I love this idea!

  2. Sohan says:

    The reason women who do not act in an actively inhibited manner are perceived as “wanting to get laid” is likely to be simple projection. If a man is anxious to get sex and is frustrated by his inability to calm this desire, he will project his desires on women who are perceived as not falling in with feminine norms. Societies are known to practise projection, and individuals probably do it too.

  3. Sohan says:

    And yes, this is a wonderful idea. I really wish we lived in a world where more women could be this carefree and confident on their own.

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