Street Harasser Shoots Two Women

Ugh, this makes me so mad! What is wrong with this man and how can women stay safe!?

Via in Atlanta:

“The two women were outside an apartment complex on Campbellton Road in southwest Atlanta on Wednesday night when a strange man approached and made advances to them, police said.

“He tried to talk to them in front of the apartment complex and they weren’t interested,” Atlanta Police spokesman James Polite said.

The man then followed the women about half a mile as they drove down Campbellton Road and on to I-285. They were on the ramp of I-285 when he opened fire, striking one woman in the face and the other in the chest, police said.”

Thankfully, the women are in stable condition and should survive, unlike women in some other recent shootings. This must end!

(Thanks for the tip, D)


One Response to Street Harasser Shoots Two Women

  1. I am in tears. I don’t know how we can stop this, but I am glad the women will survive. How many years of therapy and health care will they need though, because of this man’s horrid actions?

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