Polite Smile = Invitation to Stalk?

Almost everyday I deal with men who are trying to get my attention just because I am a young woman who commutes to work everyday by myself, so I am always keeping to myself. However, if spoken to I am usually a cheerful person and will smile and take the other person into consideration in certain cases.

One day while commuting home during rush hour, I accidentally smiled politely as I walked by a man boarding the train a couple of cars down from where I was walking to, and without realizing it he started following behind me to board the same car as me.

After that, he wouldn’t stop trying to talk to me, and made it clear that he assumed many things about me like he thought I was a German foreigner (probably because I hadn’t acted like he either didn’t exist or scowled at him or something), and he insisted on trying to find out as much as he could about me and following me off when I was trying to transfer. I eventually lost him in the rush of people while going to another train, but ever since I have changed my commute route after work so that I don’t have to run into this guy again.



2 Responses to Polite Smile = Invitation to Stalk?

  1. Beckie says:

    Very sad. I too have changed routes to avoid being hit on in the past. But now I try not to avoid situations if it means changing what is most convenient to me! Stalkers beware. I am going to deal with you!!!

  2. Golden Silence says:

    Good for you, Beckie! Don’t let those fools intimidate you.

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