“Let me tell you how to talk to me”

Let Me Tell You How to Talk to Me” (inspired by Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back”) was written by the Girls’ Leadership Council (“HOTGIRLS Street Team”) in partnership with the FIREGRL Club program at the Harland Boys & Girls Club in Southwest Atlanta to raise awareness about street harassment and to advocate for the respectful treatment of young women and girls.

Listen to the song & here are the lyrics:

Verse 1
Imma give you yo number back (Amber)
(yep) (Sesyli)
cause I don’t like you and yo game is whack
You see these boys just don’t know how to act
I try to walk away but they talk smack
Take it to the streets

Verse 2 (Jazzmyn)
Dirty boy (uh huh)
You try to play with me like I’m a toy (uh huh)
You must not know boy I’m the real ma-coy (uh huh)
Some things you say just keep me real annoyed (Uh huh)
Take it to the streets

Come here boy (Jakia)
-let me tell you how to talk to me- (HOTGIRLS Street Team)
don’t be lame
-let me tell you how to talk to me-
ask my name
-let me tell you how to talk to me-
don’t spit game
-let me tell you how to talk to me-
let me see where your mind is at
-let me tell you how to talk to me-
don’t be whack
-let me tell you how to talk to me-
don’t need no hint
-let me tell you how to talk to me-
we represent
HOTGIRLS STREET TEAM!! (call and response 4x)

They also wrote another song about street harassment:

“I Need Respect”
Lyrics by Stephy a.k.a. “Boston” (inspired by “I Need Love” by LL Cool J )

Sometimes I’m alone on the streets or hangin’ out with some friends
And then I meet a boy who don’t comprehend
Tellin’ me I look good, askin’ when he gonna hit [have sex]
I tell him I know, and he ain’t getting none of this
Every time I walk past, they be looking at my back
I know I look good but don’t act like that
I’m a respectable young lady
You don’t have to act crazy
Blowing your horn and callin’ me your lady
The way some of them approach me gets me upset
I wish that I could turn them off like a television set
You just come to my face and don’t ask for a name
Say I look good, tryna spit some game

I need respect
I need respect

Respect is what I need and it’s something I should have
It’s not something you throw away when it goes bad
There’s more to me than just a beautiful face
I’m not the one to mess with I can put you in your place
You’re like a homeless dog, who needs a home
I said I’m not interested, leave me alone
I know you’re not a crack addict, stop acting like a jay
Learn how to talk and approach me the right way
I’m not a piece of meat, stop licking your lips
I know your moms taught you manners, stop staring at my hips

I need respect
I need respect

Helping Our Teen Girls, Inc., a volunteer-led, nonprofit organization devoted to improving the health and lives of black young women and girls by providing health education, youth development, media literacy, and technology programming.

Visit Stop Street Harassment for more resources.


2 Responses to “Let me tell you how to talk to me”

  1. I just read a book called Hot Girl by Dream Jordan and this deals with the same topics, about a girl in Brooklyn. She has always dressed plain but when she gets a new perm and some cute new clothes she gets all this stuff on the streets and it doesn’t make her feel good in the end when at first it is flattering to her.

    Great lyrics!

  2. Golden Silence says:

    I am glad that groups like HOTGIRLS exist. I hate the oversexualization of Black women (especially girls) in the media that makes harassing thugs think it’s okay to talk to us like that. Groups like this also give these girls the power and strength to realize that they don’t need to stand there and let these “men” debase them.

    Kudos, HOTGIRLS!

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