Street Harassment Round Up – May 3


Since April 26, HollaBack NYC has been posting one photo a day of street harassers. They will continue to do so for a month. All of the photos are being submitted by one woman, Sally N., a New York City resident. Emily at HollaBack NYC says, “We believe these pictures tell the story of what it’s like to be a woman in the big apple.” Visit HollaBack NYC to see these photos.

Holla Back DC! has several new stories this week. In the story, “Hey, pretty lady, give me a smile,” I admire the woman’s presence of mind to respond to him as she does despite being a bit frightened by him.

New Street Harassment Blog:

Through the Stop Violence Against Women group of Amnesty International Mauritius Section, there’s a new anti-street harassment blog, which is part of an anti-street harassment campaign in the country. The blog will officially launch in the next few weeks and a report about street harassment in Mauritius will be published in June.

New Features:

Holla Back DC! launched two new features on their blog this week. You can submit your stories via an online form and they have a new online street harassment map to track where street harassment is occuring around the city.

Copying Holla Back DC!’s idea, I also launched a new online form so people can more easily submit their street harassment stories and do so completely anonymously.


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