Leg grabber in Los Angeles

I was on a crowded bus in LA (express line, commuter hour) when a man sat next to me on my right side. He had a coat draped over his left arm. I assumed he was injured or disabled (he was an older gentleman) so I dismissed it and went back to my book. A few moments later I felt something on my leg. I looked up from my book and noticed that he was using the coat to disguise the fact that his hand was on my thigh – a few inches higher and it would have been in my crotch. Luckily when I’m grossed out I tend to reflexively scream and flail rather than freeze, so I screamed and flailed. He got up and quickly left the bus before I could get anyone’s attention (we were at a stop). I stood or sat alone for the rest of the ride and felt sick to my stomach.



2 Responses to Leg grabber in Los Angeles

  1. Beckie says:

    Horrible! But screaming in a public place is a great idea! I plan to remember that!

  2. Yeah, we shouldn’t be afraid to call out or make a scene if we’re being harassed in public places – embarrass/shame the harasser and get other people on your side!

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