Street Harassment Round Up – April 12

I’m trying something new now that the volume of street harassment stories and activism is increasing: a periodic round up of recent street harassment stories and activism initiatives from my online allies.


The new Holla Back DC is in full swing and posted several stories this week, including “The Gauntlet of Sexual Harassment.” A woman shares how, now that the weather is warmer, she’s been getting harassed daily on her walking commute.

Via Gothamist

Via Gothamist

Holla Back NYC reports about a horrifying story where two young women who refused the advances of a Brooklyn man in a pizza shop one late night were savagely beaten by him. He fractured the jaw of one woman as she tried to call the police and he hit the other woman so much that her eyes were swollen shut and she’ll have to have reconstructive surgery. The police were able to track down the perp via his restaurant credit-card receipts and he turned himself in last Wednesday. He’s been charged with two counts of felony assault but he’s since been released on $5,000 bail – what?! That’s it? And now he’s out and about, able to beat up other women…or the same women again… great.


Holla Back Asheville (NC) launched so if you live in that area, send them your street harassment stories. They held an event called Hey Baby this past Friday. A write-up about the event is forthcoming. Welcome HB Asheville!

Blank Noise in India is engaging in a new project “Make a Sign” and encourages everyone to make a street sign about street harassment. The deadline is May 17, 2009, and all images will be included in their flickr account and three will be tested out in public. What a great idea! Check out their blog to learn more and participate.

Holla Back Toronto was featured in McClungs magazine last week. Read the article “Ain’t no hollaback girl.” Congrats HB Tononto!

And if you’re in the DC area, don’t forget that next Saturday, April 18, is Defend Yourself’s street harassment-focused self defense class.


One Response to Street Harassment Round Up – April 12

  1. Great Idea.

    I like getting to read what’s happening all over. Thanks for the effort.

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