Like I was Nothing

beachI was walking back from the beach with my boyfriend. I had my bathing suit on and had a towel wrapped around me. We were waiting for our turn to cross the street, and a vehicle full of college aged guys stopped at the light. I heard them making comments like, “Oooh, look at her. She’s hot/pretty.” Then they their comments turned sexually explicit. As they were driving a way I heard one of them yell, “I’d like to stuff your vagina.” I felt humiliated.

And I felt guilty. I thought *Maybe I should have put my clothes back on. Maybe I should have covered myself completely with the towel.*

Though, I knew there was no reason to feel guilty, the feeling was there anyway. I didn’t want to cry because I felt like that was letting them win somehow. But I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t understand how someone could treat me that way…like I was nothing. Like I had no feelings. It baffled hurt me.


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