Bookstore Masturbator

I was reading an atlas at the bookstore and as there was only a bench (no tables/chairs) i was sitting there, bending down over it to read it. I noticed a funny rattling noise, ignored it, noticed it again and realised an old man was masturbating behind an open newspaper. I went to get my brother and informed him that we were going to leave immediately. It is nauseating that some simple cleavage in a top that, when i put it on, made me feel good-looking and confident, can compel dirty men to break the law. I stopped wearing that shirt out. I wish i could say that if it happened again I’d call the police or at least store management but the shock of it will probably just make ME leave rather than “make a fuss.”


One Response to Bookstore Masturbator

  1. Beckie says:

    How terrible! I’ve had a similar incident and just ran away too. But later the next day I did call the police. They came to my house and filled out a report and said they had similar complaints in that neighborhood and were going to post someone to check this guy our. It really made me feel better even though he was long gone “from the scene of the crime.”. I think if you feel up to it you could still inform the bookstore. Maybe that guy hangs out there waiting for moments where he can do his thing. You may save another person the trauma you suffered. But wear your pretty top and to helll with perverts!

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