Fearless Karnataka Round Up

takebackthenightVisit Blank Noise to find out how the Fearless Karnataka/Taking Back the Night activism went in India over the weekend. They will be posting narratives and so far have posted photos.

I found two news articles about their activism. From NDTV.com:

“On International Women’s Day, the message on the streets of Bangalore was loud and clear — public spaces belong to everyone and all of us need to raise our voices to stop violence against women.  ‘Fearless Karnataka’, a group formed after recent attacks on women in the city, led the way with street plays, protests and a late night event to celebrate womanhood.

Talking directly to the people, members of the group staged a street play to catch the interest and hoping to change the mindset of Bangalore’s public. This street play was an attempt to get the public to get involved, to react to violence against women if they see it and not just watch passively.”

From  The Times of India:

“After protesting in front of the DG & IGP’s office on Saturday, members of Fearless Karnataka had an ice-breaker with citizens on Women’s Day. They spoke to people on the streets around the spots where women were recently attacked, and made them put thumb impressions on a survey form asking: How will you, as a bystander, react to an attack? Posters were put up and flyers distributed.”

You can read some of the survey responses in the article. I am in awe of these brave people!


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