Group Groping on the Street – Video

A friend just alerted me to the following video of guys group groping women walking by.  I’m not sure where the location is, but it’s somewhere warm and it seems like it must be in an area with clubs or the beach from the way people are dressed. The guys are on the sidewalk and they are groping and otherwise harassing all the women that walk by and videotaping themselves doing it etc. They are clearly getting a big kick out of it at the expense of the ladies.  As with a lot of street harassment, most of the women walk on by — it’s a large group of men — but a few fight back.

I wish I knew more about what was going on and if anyone ever reported these guys because what you can see in the video is really disturbing. The guys weren’t just grabbing body parts either (horrible enough) but they were also pulling down women’s pants to see their underwear and really violating the space and privacy and surely the level of comfort of the women.

It was especially chilling near the end when they had completely surrounded one of the women and it made me worry for her safety. Group herd mentality at its worst.  I hope she got away. . .

What would you have done if you’d seen this happening?


4 Responses to Group Groping on the Street – Video

  1. Golden Silence says:

    Some commenter on this blog post the video is linked at ( pretty much referred to it as the same thing: gang rape. It is definitely criminal. I’m surprised some of these fools weren’t arrested, especially the ones whose faces you can see clearly in the video!

    From some of the comments on the (nasty) hip-hop site the video originates from, as well as the blog post, I think that this happened in Miami, but I’m not 100% certain.

    Someone needs to come clean if they know anything about this.

  2. To me it also looks like Miami. I hope I would have called the police. I’m going to Miami next week and would love to find these creeps and give them a piece of my mind, when I am not alone, of course, or I could be there next victim. This is horrible! Thanks for reporting it.

  3. viv says:

    i think this is los angeles. i am so depressed and repulsed right now – and i’m not sure which was worse, the video itself or all the comments judging the women for their clothes and defending the men for being “wild bois” or a “pack of hungry wolfs(sic)”.

  4. Special-k says:


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