Survey Update and Thank You!

It’s been a short two weeks since I started collecting informal, anonymous online surveys about people’s experiences with stranger interactions in public & specifically with street harassment.

I’ve had many more people take it than I expected at this point in time:

  • 679 people have answered at least one question on the 1st page (which only asks things like your age and sex)
  • 486 people have answered at least one substantive question on page 2 and beyond
  • 402 people have taken the full survey.
  • [also, across three days an additional 51 people took a runner-specific street harassment survey I posted on a forum]

I’m very close to my original goal of collecting a minimum of 500 responses and I am surprised at how quickly I was able to achieve this. I thought it would take months. The downside is that soon I’ll have to go through all of the surveys and then actually write the book proposal (the scary part)!

I had a long list of people I wanted to thank who’ve helped make this happen by not only taking the survey but passing it along and posting it on listservs but this entry got eaten up once already (despite the fact that I clicked save) and I don’t  have the time… But quickly, here are a few people I want to thank because they told me they posted or forwarded the survey: Emily @ HollaBack NYC, Brittany @ HollaBack Boston, Jasmeen @ Blank Noise, Joseph @ Word Warrior, Cara Ellison on her blog, Emily @ Advocates for Youth, the Feministing Community, various friends & family & coworkers of mine, and especially my parents and sister. THANK YOU!

I’m brainstorming more conservative leaning listservs and blogs to send this to, any suggestions?

And if you haven’t taken it yet, please do!


One Response to Survey Update and Thank You!

  1. I’m glad you’re doing this. Like most women I’ve been harassed -on the street, in subways -so many times I can’t possible remember them all. We shouldn’t have to live with this stress. There are enough other stressors in women’s lives like economic, medical and academic discrimination.
    For the past 6 mths I’ve been waging a campaign to exclude some of the most sexist advertisements from public transportation sites, i.e. the Svedka hypersexualized, subhuman fembot. As if we need our public property hosting ads cultivating contempt for women! Best wishes in your work.
    Betsy W.

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