Street Harassment in Oakland

My name is Teresita and I have been living in Oakland, CA since i was born, and I really loath it when i’m just mindin my own business and some random guy thinks it’s ok to put his hands on me to stop me in my tracks. I’ve been having that problem for quite some time now. I just feel that a women shouldn’t have to change the way she dresses because it will give guys the impression she “wants him”. Women shouldn’t have to be afraid of what to wear or even afraid to go outside her house! A strategy i use is that i listen to my ipod….i’m lucky at times to get away with it. Unfortunately, it does not always guarantee that the random will leave me alone. If my ipod method doesn’t work, the guy will always end up blocking my path ( I’m talking right in front of me!!!) or him grabbing my arm. Also, the guy will happen to follow me if i don’t answer. Then when i ignore him (which is what i do most of the time but doesn’t always work either) he’ll get pissed off and prefer to call me names like “lesbian”, “bitch”, or “fuck you skank”.

I want to be able to let the stranger know that i have no intentions of giving my number or trying to get to know him at all! I want to let the guy know that i want to be left alone with out conflict or it ending up in me spraying his face with mace and then shooting him with a tazzer gun consistently. I really want to be able to say something instead of being silent about it.


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